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About Speaking Hands  From the President’s Desk:

I am delighted in welcoming to the Annual General Meeting. The organization came into being in response to the declining quality of life of human settlements and physical environment of deaf persons. We believe that the quality of different deaf communities in different regions can and should be improved through appropriate policy inventions and action oriented programs, which are enabled in collaboration with the deaf people.In spite of numerous troubles we have tried our best to stand by our deaf people and level associates. But we still cannot keep pace with the developments in all sectors that have taken place. In fact the scenario of development of deaf in India is extremely poor than in deaf Urban India. It is matter of deep regret the semblance of science and technology could not be felt in day-to-day life in rural India. So our dedication is for promoting improved quality of human life and settlement and also human welfare. We have the mission to educate the deaf villagers about health, education and cultural developments. In specific terms we have followed some mandates. To promote the interest of deaf people and Government in sustainable development through public enlightenment programs, seminars training courses, objective analysis of the problems and consequence of actions or in actions, a programmatic and presentation of policy options for deaf. To undertake action in economically unorganized landless and migrant laborers including women and children and artisans established by the completion from urban organized sector and market who have largely remind outside the benefit of planned development for deaf community.To offer training opportunities to the socially and economically down-trodden people with a view to their skill formation for strengthening their capability to help themselves to become self-reliant. If we can more in this direction, one day we may become like a big. Banyan tree under which the downtrodden deaf people in different section of the society can rest harmoniously and peacefully.

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Our Objectives

To expand career options for young Deaf adults. To their build confidence and self-esteem in order to make them effective team members at the work place. To help them get their desired job by preparing them for employment interviews and developing effective CVs. To provide skills, knowledge and experience required to ensure success in their chosen career path. To foster their intellectual development.

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